Email Signatures

Does it seem that everyone in your company has their own email signature and closings? The letter heads, tag lines and logos are standard for most companies; therefore, why should email signatures be any different?

Creating a standardized email signature for your organization can be a great professional tool for advertising your services and better communicating with your clients. This is an ideal way to help email recipients visualize and easily recall your name and company.  Keep it uniform and simple, and it will work!

In addition, it is strongly advised that you include an email disclaimer. Most organizations have legal expectations which require confidentiality disclaimers to be added to the email. A disclaimer can reduce the responsibility of the company.  By adding disclaimers to emails your company conveys a professional, trustworthy image. A disclaimer can demonstrate that the company has made every effort to act responsibly and professionally.  This will build client confidence!

Design a great email signature for your company, include the email disclaimer and make sure that all employees are using that same image! Your company signature and disclaimer must be companywide!  This will be an essential component for your organization’s professional and marketing plan.

There are numerous applications out there that will help create signatures however they do not force standardized signatures. A couple products can do just that. Signatures can be standardize for an entire company or departments within a company. This also works for emails sent from Outlook Web Access and smart phones.

The product I have been using is Exclaimer –

This product has features to manage signatures and disclaimers in a centralized and professional way.

The template editor helps you create email signatures by inserting graphics and text. You can also add social media icons for Facebook, twitter linkedIn etc.  Next user defined variable fields are inserted. In this way you can have each users information pulled from the network such as name, display name, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles etc.

Built in rules let you decided when the signature is applied. Rules can be as simply as any message sent from our mail server to anyone. Other options are to apply signatures based on internal departments – sales, marketing etc.

The rule can be applied to emails sent to a particular recipient domain. In this way all emails going to certain clients, can have a unique signature.

For marketing campaigns, you can have rules based on key words found in the subject or body of the message. For instance, apply a signature to all emails that have “invitation to conference” or “Holiday Party” etc.

Even if you don’t have your own mail server, this product works great with Outlook. There are some limitations however you can still create professional signatures and have them applied to other users email.

To learn more about creating professional, meaningful signatures get this free book the Definitive, Dummies Guide to Email Signatures,

For discounts and help with Exclaimer Signatures, email to


VoIP Phone Help Grow Your Business

Gain More Time; Grow Your Business

Have you ever kicked yourself for paying more for a product than it was worth? How about buying something that didn’t deliver on its promises?

That happened to Best Network Support in 1990’s. We sold a great phone system that ran on the Windows server, and it had more features than most of the high-end phone systems at that time.

However, the initial cost of the phone system was just as expensive as normal PBX systems because you needed to purchase a server, Windows server operating system, and hardware to connect the incoming lines (T1) and users’ handsets. This was a roadblock for most of our clients, so we got out of the phone system business.

Since then, we’ve examined other systems, but we chose not to sell them because they:

  • Cost more than the value they provided
  • Lacked all the features you should have in a phone system.
  • Were voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems that were tied to a particular ISP
  • Poor customer service or support
  • Bad hardware and software reliability
  • Unreliable voice quality

The good news is that we have finally found a system that provides the perfect solution. The only upfront costs are the VoIP phones themselves, the labor to set up the system, and training. The phones start at around $100 each and there are many phones to choose from. Companies that currently have VoIP phones may be able to utilize those phones and forgo the cost of purchasing new ones.

Some of the benefits that come with this phone system include:

  • A single number for voice, fax and SMS (i.e., text) messages
  • Your own auto attendant that’s easy to use and set up, and has rules based on:
  • Hours of operation
  • Time of day, for instance, lunchtime
  • Certain days; you can set up different auto attendants for each holiday.
  • Caller ID; your best clients can have their own auto attendant.
  • The ability to send faxes from your desktop or from Outlook
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing software included with each line
  • Ring multiple phones simultaneously or sequentially
  • Each user can select his or her own hold music
  • Each user has their own conference number that can handle 1,000 callers
  • The ability to dial contacts from your desktop
  • Mark voice messages read or unread
  • Record calls by pressing *9
  • Consolidation of smart phone apps with voice mail, faxes, and texts in one place
  • Easily switch a call from desk phone to cell phone or cell phone to desk phone
  • Options for blocking calls:
  • Block calls based on phone number.
  • Block callers who hide their phone numbers, or force them to announce their name so you can avoid solicitations.
  • Have blocked callers get disconnected or hear a busy signal or special greeting.
  • A smart phone app with a simple view of you calls, faxes and text
  • Configure your phone system and person settings from your smart phone

With traditional phone systems, when you lose power or your T1 goes down, your phones are down and customers can’t get through. With our VoIP system, your phone system is still running, auto attendant works, calls are still routed to your cell phones and you can change your auto attendant message if necessary.

A system like this will give your more time to help your clients and cultivate relationships with prospects. For more information, call us at 404-446-3330, and also ask about our referral programs.